Abandon all hope!

IF history has proven anything, it is that I will most likely abandon this blog in short order. This is perhaps my…*counts on fingers* tenth go at being a member of the blogosphere? I’ve lost count over the years. Ten is a modest number, I’m sure. Each attempt began with “I may have abandoned that other blog, but I’m going to stick with this one!”

Yeah, no.

After a few posts it would inevitably be left in the wilds to feed the scavengers and mole people with its rawboned carcass.

“What did I ever do to you?” it would screech as I trip-ran over the comically overgrown tree roots like an imbecile. I would shout the Facts of Life theme song through choking sobs as to not hear its pitiful pleas.

I’ve a feeling the mole people have not supped upon the malnourished flesh of my old blogs–but instead, they have found each other, and in the darkness they wait…stalking…ready to strike me down in some Tarrantino-meets-Del Toro horror-vengeance.

I can’t say I blame em. I got it coming.

So here we go, folks…yet another initiate to my Army of the Abandoned.

It ain’t gonna be pretty.
But it might be fun.


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