Ideas are like assholes

JUST about everyone has one, but when someone has been routing around in yours without permission, you might feel a little violated and stab-inclined.
Unless you’re into strangers spelunking in your smelly goodie hole…

Which is totally ok.

I won’t judge.
I was listening to a radio talk show this morning with two guests talking about their new adventure novel.

I turned the radio up and listened to a synopsis that sounded a LOT like my novel Antillia.
I had a “don’t look now, but somebody’s cave diving in your dumper…” clench reaction.
Tina Belcher is one of my spirit guides, if you haven’t already guessed.
Turns out one of the authors is Kevin Costner, and the book is “The Explorers Guild: Book One: The Passage.”
Look at all those colons!


First gut-reaction was “RIP OFF!”

Then, once the tempest of righteous indignation ceased, I realized that my book, like Costner’s, is an homage to the classic adventure tomes, and that certain overlapping in theme and execution is at times unavoidable. 
After all, could Jules Verne call me a shitheel for penning a Victorian Era adventure yarn?
Could Lovecraft brand me a turd burglar for describing a tentacled space god?
I guess originality isn’t so original any more. 
This came hot on the heels of one of my favorite artists, Robert Nixon, having one of his designs blatantly ripped off by someone who didn’t even do that great of a job. If you’re going to steal an already-existing concept, at LEAST try not to make it look crappy.
Nix is a tough act to follow, I understand. But, come on.
If said person wrote “my take on a Nix design,” then at least due credit happened. The guy even wrote “I had to whip something up.” He basically stole a prime rib dinner from a five star restaurant, took it home, let a hobo schtup it for a few hours, and is passing it off as “home cooked.”
They say that thing about imitation and flattery, but…
Guess it just chaps my ass.

Which brings us full circle back to butts.
Enjoy a butt–but don’t be one.

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