One thing I also suck at doing…

…is promoting myself.

If I like a product someone else is making, you’ll never hear the end of it. But my own stuff? I might mention it in passing while feeling like a selfish prick.

I don’t know why.

I know there’s a distinct line between reclusive curmudgeon and a pleasepleasepleasebuymyproduct muppet, but I don’t always see it.

I’ll get followers on Twitter whose sole purpose is to get me to follow them back, and then immediately send a “thanks for the follow! Buy my book here!”


Sometimes I’ll get followers who delete me after I’ve followed them back, so it looks like they have a ton of fans.

Am I internetting wrong?

Is that self promotion these days? I realize in order to sell books, letting folks know it exists is usually helpful, but where is that line? Where’s the sweet spot between nothing and nuisance?

As you may have gleaned, I’m an aspiring author trying to entertain folks with good old yarn-spinning.

My debut novel, Antillia, is a SciFi adventure packed with vitamins and face punches.

And this cover by Detroit Artist and Horror Guru, Robert Nixon, completes the homage to old school pulpy SciFi breakfast!

Mmmmm…marshmallow skulls…

What’s it about, you ask?

Here’s the back cover shenanigans:

Without light, there are no shadows. Without shadow, light is unbearable. There must be balance. That is the motto of The Order of The Lucifuge, an ancient group tasked with ensuring the equilibrium of good and evil is maintained. Professor Alexander Grimstead is an elite member of the Order, and quite familiar with the worlds beyond the borders of perception. But when the love of his life is sacrificed before his very eyes, he becomes a broken man. He is called upon the Order to help a group of adventurers explore the Phantom Island of Antillia, a place shrouded in mystery and lore, to find what secrets it holds. Will Antillia be Grimstead’s redemption, or his doom?

I hope you take a chance on an upstart like me, and enjoy the brand of escapism I offer.

Thanks in advance! See you on the island.

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