Women, Whiskey, and Werewolves…

When I mentioned to Detroit Graphic Designer and Grindhouse Horror Guru, Nix that I thought of writing a short teaser chapter for my upcoming book “Gravenfrost,” he said “let’s turn it into a zine.”

The thought of teaming up with such an amazing artist (he’s the mastermind behind the “Antillia” cover) was enough to get my ass in gear and crank out Chapter Zero. Nix spurred me on with designs he made for a few of our in-story products: Graves End Whiskey, and Mal Burro cigarettes. These images, I tell you, are some of the best out there. I could sing his praises all day (and often do), but head to his website and see for yourself!

It was tricky for me, to write something enticing without revealing too much. With Doyle, our protagonist, I find it all too easy to get into a groove and just prattle on and on.

He has that effect on me. I’m kind of doing it now…

These characters are a ton of fun to work with.

I hope you find yourself in good company with them.

Grab a copy, and a drink.

This is just a taste of things to come…

[From the Hammer Mountain Arts page]

GRAVENFROST CHAPTER ZERO, a limited-edition prequel to the forthcoming gonzo horror novel, presented by Robert Nixon & Peter Hammarberg.

Inside this hand-made ‘zine, you’ll meet Special Agent Bobby Doyle, his best pal, Bukowski & The Ghoulie Girls in a short story not found in the novel. Plus, exclusive art from Nix!

Drinking! Smoking! Cussing! And… werewolves? This is definitely not a yarn for the faint of heart and sissy of sensibility!

Grab this collector’s item NOW! Only 50 exist in the known universe!
$5 + free shipping

Buy Now At Hammer Mountain Arts


“A ‘romp’ is often over-used as a way to describe the kind of highly entertaining, free-wheeling action/horror story that Peter Hammarberg has come up with in Gravenfrost. A bloody, funny, spooky lovechild of Roger Avery, Quentin Tarantino, Stephen King and the kind of 69-cent Men’s Adventure novels you used to see in the spinner racks at the drugstore. This is fun, smart, cinematic stuff and I think most readers will like it a lot.”

-Joe Kilmartin from We-Love-Monsters.com and PapaJoeMambo.com

“We can’t stop here, it’s ghost country! Brave readers will sit back, sip their whiskey, and enjoy this gonzo, hard-boiled spook story!”

-Tim Mucci, author of ‘The Geek Baby Book,’ All Action Classics ‘Tom Sawyer’ and ‘The Odyssey,’ and co-host of The Double Shadow podcast

“A ridiculously raucous read overflowing with clever dialogue, spooky ghouls and insane action with a finale you will not want to miss.”

-Robert Nixon, graphic artist and grindhouse/horror aficionado

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