Gravenfrost: Ready to please you!

It’s been a long time coming, but my gonzo, horror yarn Gravenfrost  is finally live and ready to make you laugh, cringe, and think terrible thoughts when the lights go out.

The Devil’s Domicile. The notoriously infamous house is just one of the hot spots that cultists, freaks, and other assorted malcontents visit in Gravenfrost, Maine.
Founded on ground so tainted it was said to be vomited up from the sea itself, Gravenfrost isn’t your average sleepy New England town.

When the host of a popular ghost-hunting TV show brutally murders his crew and co-hosts during an overnight filming, the FBI sends their agent most accustomed to “strange crap”: Special Agent Bobby Doyle. Doyle likes his cases like he likes his whiskey: neat and smooth.
This one, however, is anything but.

Was it simply foul play…or something far more sinister?

I can’t express how honored I am to have collaborated with Detroit artists, Robert Nixon and Glenn Barr for the amazing cover you see above!

Their style and skill is unparalleled. They could make a pencil look like the most kickass thing ever made.

Nix’s designs and the music of The Kreeps were a massive inspiration to me, and helped shape the story into something I’m confident fans of horror, comedy, and the supernatural will enjoy!

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