Music? Poetry? New Moon Magic? We must be talking about Rorie Kelly!

This is Rorie Kelly.

I’ve known Rorie going on near-twenty years now (I’ve actually lost count, but if its not twenty, then it’s the upper teens), and if someone asked me to describe the Singer/Songwriter/Ladybeast, I’d still have trouble. Way back when, I used to say that Rorie was an “Elemental”; filling up venues with a presence and energy that ripped you from the clutches of mundanity, tussled your hair, looked you right in the eye and said, “better hold onto something, friend…”

This still hold true, mind you, but these days, with social media attention deficit running rampant, I think I could streamline the description into three words:

Music. Magic. Dinosaurs.

While that might only scratch the surface, it’s a good start. I don’t know how much time you have to jaw these days. Here’s the next step on your journey to Rorie: website and social media.

Rorie hosts a weekly syndicated Twitch TV program called Monday Night Muses, that features live music and poetry, and I have had the honor of having two of my poems read! AND set to music!

As though hearing my words through the voice of one of my favorite creatives wasn’t enough of a trip already, hearing the looped, musical intricacies that wove each line into a living tapestry was legit, goosebump “whoa” territory for me.

It brought me back to those early days of poetry. I’m honestly moved that my words still hold some meaning. And I am grateful to Rorie for dusting off those old lines and making them shine once more.

If you’d like to watch that Twitch tv Poetry Corner session, here you are.

If you’d like to listen on Rorie’s Patreon, here it is. I hope you enjoy, and please give Rorie a follow and all the love on the various socials. I can guarantee you’ll be happy you did!

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