Next Caller____ Itty Bitty Bastards № 9

“Okay caller, you’re on The Night Stage, with Flip the Bird.

On tonight’s Confession Corner, we’re talking about soul mates. You say your boyfriend is your true-blue-forever-man?”

            “That’s right, Flip.”

            “What convinced you?”

            “Well…he banged a dump right out of me. Never came so hard in my life.”

            “…He what? He made you orgasm and have a bowel movement?”

            “That’s right.”

            “And that’s what made you fall in love?”

            “Hey, when a guy can make you come and go at the same time, you’ve found something special!”

            “Hhhhhhhh……next caller…”


Art: Justin Weingartner

Words: Peter Hammarberg


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