Be The Light

It comes at you from every side

doesn’t it?

life, I mean…

parasites clinging to your essence

putrescence flowing freely from

cesspools with teeth

you can feel their hot breath on your neck

the bitter sting of their scorn


It’s getting dark out there…


home is just a four-letter word

like cage

creeping in, the starkness of it all

the darkness of the fall

like a leaf, you spiral down





It’s getting dark out there…


and you’re getting sick and tired

of being sick and tired

aren’t you?

your hands are cracked and bloody

your feet don’t arch as much

as your back does and

your head throbs much like

your heart


It’s getting dark out there…


hope is yet another

four-letter word that

you forgot to put new

batteries in

not that you use it

anymore anyway

and there you have it

there’s the rub


It’s getting dark out there…


and no one else will guide you

no one else knows how

we’re but babies stumbling in the pitch

fumbling with the stitch in the fabric

of time and tribulation


but when the communal glow falters

when all other lights go out

be the light…


be the light



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