Random Acts of Violins__Itty Bitty Bastards № 3

It started with the occasional busker. Upturned fedoras with a few coins shining against the velvety lining. No great movement at first. It was pleasant to hear Bach floating through the thoroughfares while folks ran errands. A little Vivaldi ear candy here and there. Splendid overtures of audible opulence. But soon, territories were claimed, and … Continue reading Random Acts of Violins__Itty Bitty Bastards № 3

Last Laugh__Itty Bitty Bastards № 2

An old man sat on a park bench, smiling. “How doodeedoo!” he cackled as I approached. “What’s got you so happy, old man?” I asked. “I’m dyin’ boy. Gotta get it out of my system,” he sighed, then forced a throaty hoot. “Why’s that?” "Cuz I have a notion they frown upon happiness where I'm … Continue reading Last Laugh__Itty Bitty Bastards № 2