Rise! is a poem I had written back in 2012, but I feel the message is still valid. I'm a card-carrying procrastinator and self saboteur, and I can't help but feel stupid about it. The world gives us enough obstacles, why do we create even more? If we could just focus all that energy/time/thought into doing what we want to do instead of on all the bullshit reasons we can't/shouldn't/couldn't, then, my friend, we'd be so much closer to becoming our true selves.  Enough preaching. Onto the poem that's mostly preaching. By the way, I hope it helps you if you need it, or entertains you if you don't. 

Out with a Fang (a Small Bastard Story)

Edwin Quay, AKA “Deadwin,” has never felt so good. He hasn't smiled this wide and pure in all his long and sordid years. Pure might be a stretch—let's say manic. He screams a meaty, wet scream and feverishly slaps the steering wheel of the 1970 Cadillac Hearse (that he stole fair and square) to the … Continue reading Out with a Fang (a Small Bastard Story)

2016: Death and Soup

I know, I know, "where have you been?!?" all four of you ask. Well, I'll tell you! I've been secretly working on a government project to enable squirrels to run completely across the road instead of stalling halfway then pretty much actively seeking death. So far it's been a rip-roaring failure. Squirrels just don't get it, … Continue reading 2016: Death and Soup