Itty Bitty Bastards™️

In celebration of the (in my opinion) best month of the year, I have teamed up once again with the brilliant artist Justin Weingartner, to bring you all a micro-fiction offshoot of my series, Small Bastard Stories™️. On each Monday and Friday of the month, Justin and I will post one of the wee bastards we've concocted, all leading up to a (BIG) Small Bastard Story on the Sovereign Holiday: Halloween.

2016: Death and Soup

I know, I know, "where have you been?!?" all four of you ask. Well, I'll tell you! I've been secretly working on a government project to enable squirrels to run completely across the road instead of stalling halfway then pretty much actively seeking death. So far it's been a rip-roaring failure. Squirrels just don't get it, … Continue reading 2016: Death and Soup

Talking about Ghost Boobs with family…

I've never been a boaster. I feel like a b-hole talking about my work, generally, which causes the voices to scream "WAY TO SELF-PROMOTE, YA DIPASS!" in my head on a regular basis, or "on the regular," as I'm pretty sure no one says... So, with my gonzo horror/creatively vulgar novella Gravenfrost out in the wild, … Continue reading Talking about Ghost Boobs with family…

Gravenfrost: Ready to please you!

It's been a long time coming, but my gonzo, horror yarn Gravenfrost  is finally live and ready to make you laugh, cringe, and think terrible thoughts when the lights go out. The Devil's Domicile. The notoriously infamous house is just one of the hot spots that cultists, freaks, and other assorted malcontents visit in Gravenfrost, Maine. … Continue reading Gravenfrost: Ready to please you!