RE: Gravenfrost

“Gravenfrost presents with a spellbinding, illustrated cover that is both breathtaking and haunting. I really loved this cover art. Perfect choice. Also, no issues with the production quality. Good job here.

Now, as to the plot, I won’t say that this one was completely original, but when it comes to storytelling, the author has great skills. The book was smart, well-organized, and simply great entertainment. I was hooked from cover to cover. Just a solid entry.

And, frankly, who wouldn’t love Agent Doyle? What a great character! The author’s writing style and voice make Doyle come alive on the pages. I found myself smiling and grimacing page after page. He definitely feels real. He almost leaps off the page and acts out the story in your living room. All in all, this was a great find. I appreciate you sharing your world with us!”
-Judge, 25th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards.


“This book was a hell of a good time! The sort of book you read with a big fat grin on your face. Diaboliquely funny, gory as shit, and written by a guy who obviously loves the genre. I absolutely recommend picking it up, it’ll haunt you!”
Espen Aukan


“If you like ghost stories, hard-drinking silver-tongued heroes, creepy cults, and well told scary tales—then put THIS in your cart and buy it!”
Tim Mucci


“I can’t say enough good things about Gravenfrost! There’s very few media out there that pegs their target audience this well. While I’m sure most fans of the genre will enjoy reading Gravenfrost, the book is clearly aimed at those of us who enjoy our horror imbued with a darker brand of humor and have some less-mainstream tastes, be they horror flicks, B-movies, outsider art, metal, pulp novels, etc. Great writing, an engaging story, awesome references (seriously, Mr. Hammarberg’s book reads like a love letter to everything I’m into) , and a charismatic, lovable a-hole of a protagonist. Gravenfrost is hilarious, creepy, smart, and even sexy. I really hope the author revisits these characters and setting (a character in itself!) again real soon. Truly excellent!”


“Love love loved this book. It’s everything you’d want in a book – funny, relatable, personable lead, excitement, intrigue, plot twists – Gravenfrost has it all. I finished this book in record time, and wanted more. Really enjoyed it.”
-Toni C

“I absolutely loved this book. It was so good that I read this book in two days and I am NOT an avid reader. I was sucked in and could not put it down. Good comedy, great dialogue of it’s eerie beyond belief. Definitely a good read for the summer!”


“Let me start by saying that I don’t normally read books of this genre but I was so attracted to the cover after a friend recommended it, I couldn’t help but look into it. Yes, I judged a book by its cover, but let me tell you it is well worth the ride. I’ve been having trouble getting into any read lately and this was the first book I’ve enjoyed in a long while. It actually renewed my vigor in reading fiction! I easily slipped into the story as well as the characters as Mr. Hammarberg did an excellent job as a writer fleshing out the town of Gravenfrost, its history and the characters (primary & secondary).
I guess the best way to describe this book is a perfect mash-up of Horror, Noir, with a little Bukowski wit thrown in (clearly an influence as the dog in the story is aptly named after the Buk!). The main character, Bobby Doyle has some great one-liners. Think of Bruce Campbell in the Evil Dead investigating the house in Amityville.
All I can, say is turn down the lights, pour yourself a full glass of whiskey and lock yourself in for the night! This book rocks! I also appreciate that the author provides a great soundtrack to this book. I look forward to reading further works by this author who I am hoping will revisit Agent Bobby Doyle & Co. in the near future.”
-Amazon Customer

“I can only describe it as Evil Dead meets X-Files. You immediately sense that something crazy is about to happen and the writer doesn’t let up. Gonzo is a perfect description. You’re treated to some of the snarkiest banter and observations ever printed, but it’s not all gags and jokes. Doyle’s humor really illustrates some horrific things that truly would have scared most to death. The setting is as unsettling as it is quaint and you can’t help but think that you’d steer clear of Gravenfrost, but love nothing more than to hear any news coming from that godforsaken hunk of rock. I can’t wait to see what other adventures follow. Well done, sir. Well done.”
-Amazon Customer